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Monica Galvan is an installation artist who grew up in Watsonville California. She comes from a biracial family with a Mexican father and white mother of French European decent. Living in low income housing projects for the majority of her life, she learned about her Mexican culture and became aware of the racial inequities and discrimination faced by her Latinx neighbors. Her upbringing has kept her grounded.  She honors her roots by sharing her passion for art with her community. In 2014 Monica transferred to UC Berkeley from Cabrillo College, receiving her Bachelors in art practice in the Spring of 2016. She attends grad school at San Jose State to receive her MFA, while teaching art lessons in alternative education high schools in Santa Cruz County. She has been a practicing teaching artist in Watsonville for the past 4 years. In the past year Monica founded a soon to be nonprofit called Arte del Corazón, an organization geared at securing and providing opportunities for local artists to sell, create and showcase their art work.  

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